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All about iconic beards and mustaches

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Nothing can be manlier than facial hair. No matter how deeply one feels about gender equality, only men can be associated with beards and mustaches. From historical times, man has been preoccupied with facial hairs and has attempted to have various trademark styles of beard and mustaches. Throughout  history, men with facial hairs have been associated with wisdom, sexual virility, masculinity, and a high status in society. From Hitler’s toothbrush mustaches to full grown massive hairs of Hagrid of Harry potter fame, there are styles galore. Most noblemen and Knights were bearded. There is a World Beard and Mustache championship to encourage and celebrate facial hair and its various styles.  There are various style s of growing facial hairs such as circle beard, goatee, chinstrap, Royale, Verdi, Friendly mutton Chops, and what not. Let’s have a look at various beards and mustaches adorned by both real and fictional characters.

  • Santa Claus

Who does not recognize the iconic white beard of portly joyous Santa Claus! Not only is it a part of his brand but also it has a practical purpose. Since he lives in freezing cold region in North Pole, and moves about in a sleigh at high altitude, he needs long full beard to protect his face from cold dry winds.


  • Charles Darwin

Well known for developing biological theories of evolution that changed how the world looked at themselves viz a viz other creatures, Darwin also had a talent to grow impressive beard. Although he grew beard three years after his now famous theory of Origin of Species, but his beard became iconic. His beard was reminiscent of great thinkers such as Aristotle and Socrates, and God himself. Perhaps to reinforce the link between the man and ape he grew a beard that any ape would envy.


  • Adolf Hitler

Who can forget the toothbrush mustache of Adolf Hitler, which can be considered as the most infamous mustache of all time? His toothbrush mustache are so iconic that if anyone moves around with toothbrush mustache, the first think that comes to mind on looking at him is that he must really be a fan of Hitler! Charlie Chaplin was one of the most famous practitioners of these mustaches. Hitler was a fan of Charlie Chaplin, but there is no evidence to suggest that he modeled his mustaches on him.

  • Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln did not have whiskers when he was fighting elections to become President of United States. Few weeks before Lincoln was elected President, an eleven-year-old American girl, Grace Bedell sent him a letter, urging him to grow a beard to improve his appearance. Lincoln responded to her letter, but did not commit to grow beard. However, after a month, he grew a full beard. This story of Lincoln’s beard has now become a well-known fact and the original letter written by Grace is in the Burton Historical Collection of the Detroit Public Library.


  • Karl Marx

Rugged thick beard of Karl Marx is well known. Communist leaders have been known to grow facial hairs during mid nineteenth century. Perhaps they recognized the power of facial hairs like none other. After all when someone wants to be known as revolutionary, his head should appear as large as possible.

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