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5 Most Incredible Trekking Zones in USA


United States of America to the world is what Mumbai means to Indians. It truly is a country of dreams. With vast expanse of land terrain and hills the place offers numerous travel destinations. USA in true terms is a traveller’s paradise and specially a heaven for trekking freaks. The United States is a huge country with numerous options to go travelling. There are some incredible beautiful trekking destinations. As we bring to you the top 5 breath-taking trekking destinations take out your trekking shoes and get ready for the most amazing expedition.

[box_dark]Zion National park – Utah[/box_dark]

The Zion National Park with a multitude of landscapes is truly a trekker’s paradise. To get a full on experience of Zion one needs to explore both the depths of the canyon and the cliffs that dot the park. However, one has to be very careful of the weather and climatic conditions as the region are prone to flash floods. The best places to trek within Zion Park are Angels Landing, West Wall of Zion Canyon, Kayenta Trails, East Rims Trail, Emeral Pool Trails and The Narrows.

[box_dark]Grand Canyon[/box_dark]

When talking about trekking destinations in the US it would be criminal not to mention the Grand Canyon. To see the Canyon from the bottom through trekking and  is a unique experience in itself. However a very well planned itenary is required to trek in the Grand Canyon. Places to trek in Grand Canyon are Bright Angel trail, South Kaibab Trail and North Rim.

[box_dark]Yosemite National Park – California[/box_dark]

This huge and massive park has it all. A 200 feet waterfall, lakes, pre-historic trees, mountains and beaches. There is nothing more a trekker could ask for. There are over 800 miles of trail. From easy to relaxed and totally unmaintained trails this is a paradise for hard-core trekkers. The most prominent places in Yosemite to trek are the Yosemite Valley, Glacier Point Road and Wawona and the Mariposa Grove.

[box_dark]Columbia River Gorge – Washington and Oregon[/box_dark]

The Columbia River Gorge abounds Waterfalls and hiking opportunities for outdoor lovers. Since it encompasses a massive area of Washington and Oregon there are plenty of trails available along this 80 mile long canyon for trekkers. The famous trekking points to check out are Angel’s Rest, Dog Mountain and Mount Defiance.

[box_dark]Denali National Park – Alaska[/box_dark]

This is the most unique trekking areas in the United States. Though there are no marked trails one has to go beyond the entrance to experience nature in the rawest form here. The Mount Heavly look trail and Savage River Loop trail are the popular trekking points.

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