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5 Incredible Places in the World


There’s so much more to the world than we know of, so many unexplored, mysterious out-of-the world places that human eyes have never laid sights on or never even knew existed. Some of them have been accidentally discovered while others still remain to be found out by mankind. Here are five of the most unbelievable and incredible places on planet earth that you never knew existed!


Salt Desert

Situated in Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni is the World’s largest salt desert that has been created as a result of thousand years of transformation on numerous prehistoric lakes. with an area of approximately 10,500 Square Kilometers, this vast expanse of white salt flat magically transforms into a giant natural mirror after rainfall. Visitors who have experienced Salar de Uyuni after the rains know what it feels to stand in the middle of the infinite sky both above and below!

Pink Lake

The Cap Vert peninsula of Senegal is house to Lake Retba, a beautiful lake with an incredible pink hue! ‘Retba’ or ‘lac rose’ with its pink waters is one of the most incredible places in the world, the pink colour of the water being created by the presence of a red pigment producing organism that uses sunrays to create energy, in turn turning the waters pink!

Ice Caves

The Mendenhall Ice Caves in Juneau, Alaska was formed by two waterfalls which rippled down the mountains and slipped under the 12 mile long Mendenhall glacier for thousands of years to carve out these massive ice caves. These brilliantly colored ice caves are one of the most incredible places in the world today!

Wind Chime Forest

One of the most beautiful and tranquil groves in the world, the Arashiyana Bamboo Forest is located just outside Kyoto Japan. When you walk down the narrow trails criss-crossed amidst the beautiful grove with the trees creating a breathtakingly beautiful leafy canopy above, a soothing breeze makes you feel as if thousands of wind chimes are playing around you!

Love Tunnel

Yet another incredible place on our planet ‘The Tunnel of Love’ is a magnificent lush leafy green tunnel in Ukraine created by the thrice-a-day passage of a man made train. A beautiful wildly natural passageway where lovers hold hands to make promises, it is said that only the promises of sincere lover come true!

The above are the top 5 unbelievable places in the world that you never knew existed!


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