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5 Awesome Spiciest Dishes Available in USA


When we start thinking about American cuisine we can easily find out some obvious images. We usually think of fast food. This is the general consideration of the food habit of the Americans. We can consider America as the home of some delicious dishes that carry the reflection of the varied cultural influences that the nation has seen as well as its diverse nationalities.

Now let us come to our main discussion that is based on the spiciest dishes found in this country.


Barbecue is one of the more favored spicy foods of the United States. Generally, it is cooked outdoors for the smoke. Usually charcoal is used as the fuel to cook this food. You don’t have to spend lots of time to prepare this dish. Barbeques are spicy for the marinade that is used to rub the meat while it is being charred on the grill. It is this marinade that is laden with spices. The marinade for BBQs differs from state to state and establishment to establishment. Most shops proclaim that they have a secret special recipe for these spice rubs or marinades

[box_dark]Chili Dog[/box_dark]

Hot Dog is another very spicy dish of America. It is served with Onion, Chili, and Cheese. The name has come from Michigan. This food is popular all over the United States. The hot chilidog that is served in the southern part of this country is much spicier. This preparation is also famous in countries like France, Greece and Germany.


A burrito is a very famous Mexican food. It is made of wheat and it is folded and wrapped so that it acquires a cylindrical shape. The ingredients that are used to prepare this dish are salsa, meat, beans, cheese, and guacamole. Being innately Mexican in its origins, the Burrito is more on the spicy side.

[box_dark]Biscuits and Gravy[/box_dark]

This dish is also very famous in United States. You can’t resist yourself of having this delicious preparation. You can have biscuits with milk gravy and meat dripping. This can be regarded as the breakfast menu of the stateside people.

[box_dark]Buffalo wings[/box_dark]

This would be grossly imperfect if you go assuming the nature of this food from its name. Buffalo doesn’t have any wing. We are talking about the chicken wings. Being representative of the spicy family it is really an awesome dish to taste. You can rely on this food if you are a regular fast food eater.

The above mentioned dishes are the most common types of spicy food in USA.



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