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10 super travel movies to tickle your imagination


Plenty of Travel movies are there those focuses on self-discovery, good and bad vacation. Many of them feature exotic locations, vistas and various cultures. Here are 10 most exciting travel movies that illustrate the best of the  travel:

Lost in Translation

Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson starred movie, features the city, Tokyo. This flick shot on the location of Park Hyatt Hotel and the stretch from Kanto Plain to Mount Fuji. Lost in Translation provides viewers a complete insight of the city’s places to visit. Nice flick for those fascinated of East Asian region.


Into the Wild 

The storyline is adapted from a book by Jon Krakauer, the real story of the Alaskan adventure of Christopher McCandless’, a graduate of Emory University. This flick unleashes the Alaskan majestic sceneries, natural topography, plant and animal life that encourage ecotourism.


Easy Rider

Featuring Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson along with Peter Fonda, those are on a motorcycle road trip starts from Los Angeles to New-Orleans in riotous late 1960s. This travel movie is a significant film and still in demand.



This film highlights the atmosphere and scenery of California and the famous wine of Santa Barbara. Adapted from a book ‘Sideways’ that encourage visiting the place and experiencing the exotic beauty. It’s an Oscar-winning screen play.


Lawrence of Arabia

Starring the superstar Peter O’Toole, this film covers three continents to feature the most abandoned adventures around. The movie picturesque several locations of Spain, Morocoo and Jordan including popular Wadi Rum.


Out of Africa

Adapted from true story of Karen Blixen, a Danish author, while his stay in Kenya. This adventurous story has won several awards of its time. It features the rough landscape of the continent, the safaris, wild-life, coffee plantation and tough love life.


The English Patient

The storyline points the complicated love story during the period of World War-II. It is filmed in Italy and Tunisia. Ancient cave sketches, serenity of Italy and the grand sand dunes play a key role of popularity of the film.

Rabbit-Proof Fence

This film points Australian controversial political practice in 1930s. The practice of separation of children from their Aboriginal mothers. Narration follows the real tale of 3 girls run away from imprisonment and their struggle against authorities.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Spotting an American busing in cultural adjustment to live Italian time.  The sun-drenched shots and the renovation efforts made by lead character brought some funniest appeal to the movie.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Some of the people don’t consider it a travel-centric movie but the sites, scenery of Tunisia is quite enough to encourage the viewers to visit the real beauty.


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