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10 Strange foods that Americans eat


Casu Marzu, monkey brains and tarantulas might be popular delicious food in other countries, but in America the taste is strange. They do like to have natural food that can be dig out of the land or shoot directly on your plate. Also can be found totally unnatural to eat. Here are some of them:


This small creature has almost similar size of a kitten and known as guinea pig. In Peru and Ecuador, Cuy is quite big. This creature generally make its’ way to freezer section and barbecues. This critter can be tough nut for children’s stomach.



This vicious varmint is full of taste and popular in Southwest US that knowingly doesn’t eat like chicken, a research of Rattlesnake Recipe webpage says. It tastes like quail or frog leg with seafood flavor. Boling the creature work well, this process slide the meat off the bones.



This critter is a South America delicacy. Opossum flesh is tasty, peculiar and full of fat.



Lutefisk is made by fish in a lengthy process and popular in the Midwest. /simply soak a whitefish in a pot for around eight days. When the whitefish decomposes and puffed up. The transformed caustic, is so pleasant in taste. So better to soaked fish for more 6 days before cooking and safe meal.


Turtle Soup

The aqua creature is a fun stuff as well as makes a delicious soup. Turtle soup is quite famous in Louisiana and commonly seen on Asian menus.


Brain Sandwiches

How about the treat that includes brain-sandwich, a deep-fried brain treat made of the calves’ brain. It’s especially famous throughout the restaurants based at Ohio River Valley. Along with calves’ brain, Americans enjoy eating poke and squirrel brains.



Feet are meant for walking as well as for eating..Amazed!! Yes, in many countries animal’s feet are likely treated as a delicious food. Hocks and pieds, trotters and pigs’ feet are more in demand across the country.


To count in the list, Lamb testicles, bull testicles and buffalo testicles are more famous in Western part of United States. Even town organized ‘Testicle Festival’ as well.


Dirt always has been the sort of food for centuries. Researchers believe that the African slaves got this practice to Southern part of US. Generally, kids and pregnant women carve for having dirt. Reason being, dirt contains good minerals like calcium, iron and copper. This practice might bring in some hazards to health.


Running with tight budget, no issues. Roadkill can be your free meal. People count on many creatures to satisfy their hunger. None knows if people really like to have on their plates but there are full of such roadkill recipes are available on internet and in some specific books.

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