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Young business woman working on laptop in office. Successful business concept.

Why leaders need to follow latest business trends

A study has recently acknowledged that limitations put forth by traditional business trends and technology cannot cope up with the ...

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lean healthcare

What makes lean healthcare the need of this hour?

The Institute of Medicine (USA) report says, “As medical science and technology has advanced at a rapid pace, the healthcare ...

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reading business book

Best business books every leader and entrepreneur should read

The history has evidently confirmed that amateurs can outperform veterans by exploring new ideas and vision, may be because they ...

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start-up business

Six grave problems encountered by start-up businesses

Starting your own business could be exciting and enthusiastically satisfying; however, it could be a roller coaster for you as ...

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Successful Business Owner

Important, Must-have Qualities of a Successful Business Owner

As a business owner, there are some essential qualities and traits you will need to possess to succeed in today’s ...

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retain customers

6 Brilliant ways you can retain customers and earn their loyalty

The secret of all successful businesses is their customer retention best practices. Converting leads into buyers is not enough for ...

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Sustainable Development

How to inculcate Sustainable Development in the CSR Policy?

As much as there is a law for responsible CSR, there is also a law for sustainable development. Firms have ...

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Indian Section 135

What is Indian Section 135 for Corporate Social Responsibility

(1) Every company having net worth of rupees five hundred crore or more, or turnover of rupees one thousand crore ...

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Indian and Global Perspective

What is Corporate Sustainability?Indian and Global Perspective

Corporate sustainability cancels out any risks from the economy, environment or society and hence, increases shareholder value in the long ...

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sustainability plan

Coca Cola Case Study in Corporate Social Responsibility

Coca Cola has had a sustainability plan in place since quite a few years. Coca Cola has been experimenting with ...

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Problems Relating to CSR

Problems Relating to CSR and Sustainability in India

While there are laws in place for CSR and sustainability both, it is difficult to follow the law. A lot ...

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Legal Implications of a CSR

Legal Implications of a CSR Policy in India

Indian Corporates already have a lot of obligations to adhere to legally and otherwise. The following are the laws under ...

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