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Reasons Why Businesses are Loving aPaaS

aPaaS or application Platform as a Service is a technology is a cloud based technology allowing deployment and development of ...

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Here’s a Smart Investment for Your Small Business: Start a Blog

As a small business owner, you’re doing everything you can to get business, but you haven’t hit the jackpot yet, ...

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6 Things Investors Should (and do) Look for in Startups

Investing in a startup can be a rewarding experience on both the personal and financial fronts. While you will be ...

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The 8 Paths to Building a Solid Company Culture

Not many individuals realize that culture can make or break an entire organization. And many don’t know that culture can ...

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The power of honest and constructive feedback is a great tool for a business mentor

A business mentor can improve your business and career immensely. The role of the mentor is to guide you through ...

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Why bosses and employees view corporate culture differently

Culture is one of the most important aspects of any corporate entity. Corporates are now looking at culture at par ...

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Increase your Social Media ROI by Bringing Customer Service to the Table

Most large corporations and businesses have jumped onto the social media bandwagon to promote their brand name and products. Social ...

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Biggest Risks and Troubleshooting Suggestions for Supply Change Management

Not many companies are absolutely sure about what the term ‘Supply Chain Management’ encompasses, nor the risks that come with ...

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Building a Positive Corporate Culture that Encourages New Ideas and Strategies

An organization’s success or failure is defined by its workforce. An open and inclusive organization is filled with engaged employees ...

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Simple Tips to Address Employees’ Concerns during and after Change Management

A business is bound to come up with at least some form of employee resistance when choosing to implement a ...

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Why leaders need to follow latest business trends

A study has recently acknowledged that limitations put forth by traditional business trends and technology cannot cope up with the ...

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What makes lean healthcare the need of this hour?

The Institute of Medicine (USA) report says, “As medical science and technology has advanced at a rapid pace, the healthcare ...

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