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Howto is a section wherein you will get almost all your beauty queries answered. Moreover, it gives you stupendous DIY beauty recipes that can enhance your beauty to higher levels. Many women hire services of beauty parlors, which are really expensive. Every woman wants to look beautiful but they just cannot afford those expensive services of beauty parlors, and there are some parlors that offer reasonable priced beauty services but the quality is not that good.


This is where this howto section comes into play. By going through this section, women can find out several ways to beautify themselves on their own. They can learn make-up techniques and save a lot of money that otherwise would have gone into some beauty parlor. They can make DIY face packs, sunscreen lotions, moisturizers, and even hair packs that one can get in the market at high prices. The hair styles one gets done in parlors can be learnt in this section easily. The aged women and men who want to get rid of their facial lines and wrinkles but are not sure about using anti-aging creams in the market owing to the side-effects, can learn that what natural things they can use and maintain the elasticity and freshness of their skin even in their sixties.

Some beauty care tips to beat your dry skin

Are you bothered with your dry skin? It’s a very common issue for many beauty conscious people these days. Polluted environment, harmful UV rays, and chilly winds during the winter, all these can cause harm to your skin and can ...

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Using sea salt as the weapon in your fight against acne

We understand acne breakouts are one of the most annoying occurrences in your lives. Your skin pores block owing to several reasons and those unsightly bumps appear on your skin. You use a number of chemical acne removal products that ...

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4 Adult Acne fiascoes you should be aware of

As a teenager, you may have had your fair share of problems with acne. While most occurrences of acne you experienced at this age might have been due to hormonal changes, you would have done all that you could to ...

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Getting rid of the self tanner streaks and stains

You applied self-tanner for better but it turned out gross. You are going berserk seeing patches of tanned and untanned skin on your body. The fake tan is making your elbows and knees appear a lot darker than the overall ...

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Natural tips and tricks to get rid of blackheads

Every woman wants to enjoy her prerogative of immaculate skin but ample of skin problems prevent them from doing so. One such very annoying skin problem is the occurrence of blackheads on nose, which are clogged pores filled with black ...

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Look awesome in selfies without resorting to filters

The selfie bug is biting people so fast that almost everybody is becoming a selfie fan. However, only a few people manage to look their best in selfies, while others solely depend upon filters and editing software that make people ...

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Deal soundly with aging problems with these lifestyle hacks

You cannot stop aging but you surely can slow down the effect of aging. Aging brings with it some heartbreaking symptoms, skin loses its elasticity, hair become weak and dull, and overall one starts looking withered but only if one ...

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DIY beauty hacks for that sizzling look

You adore models on the front page of magazines for their awesome hairstyles and flattering makeup. You always wonder and dream having a model-like look that does not cost you a fortune and crazy amounts of time. You can turn ...

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