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Everything you need to know about beauty mask for your lips

Most girls like to pump their lips and use many products including lip injections in the process. However, the results ...

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Stay fashionably in trend with ear-makeup

Ear piercings have long been in fashion. These have seen modifications with respect to placement, accessory, sizes and patterns over ...

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Smooth things over: Ways to make your pores look smaller

Pores on the skin, especially the face can be off-putting. The pores are small and they shouldn’t be showing, but ...

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Why you should never, ever get your hair cut wet

We all are pretty much aware about the drill required while visiting your favorite parlor for hair cut or trimming. ...

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Understanding sandbagging technique that Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist swears by

Since the time Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic has made sandbagging technique public, women have been trying to master ...

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Game-changing makeup tips for women who wear glasses

Today when geek look is chick and happening, glasses not only act as anexcellent accessory, but help many of us ...

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Some beauty care tips to beat your dry skin

Are you bothered with your dry skin? It’s a very common issue for many beauty conscious people these days. Polluted ...

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DIY beauty hacks you should give a chance

Looking perfect is an important thing for any woman. Most women feel that they know the best tricks as far ...

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Beauty secrets: Products that work while you sleep

We all are well aware of the value of beauty sleep. It is important to sleep well in order to ...

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Simple and short regime to protect your skin

We all want our skin to be perfect and flawless. This comes throughappropriate care of the skin. This may not ...

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DIY – Terrific Nail art ideas to beautify your nails

Applying nail polish in a regular way is too common. Therefore, many women are fond of nail art wherein you ...

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Stop wasting your time on these not so important beauty regimes

Women love pampering their skin everyday and don’t mind spending hours together caressing their delicate skins. But there are days ...

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